Pellet stoves

The pellet stove, although it has been around for a long time, is for many
people a new phenomenon, More and more people in the Netherlands are hearing about the pellet stove and are looking into it.
We would like to help you with this and provide you with all the necessary information on this website.
The Pellet Stoves website has been around for many years and has been the website of the very first hour about pellet stoves.
we would like to take you into the world of the pellet stove
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 0572-354250 or click on get in touch.
If you would like to see the pellet stoves in operation, feel free to come to the showroom at Kaagstraat 13 in Raalte.
This showroom can be visited without an appointment and is open 6 days a week.

Correct information about pellet stoves

Pay attention! Be well informed about the pellet stove.
at the moment there are many companies that are trying to sell the pellet stove without any training,
all our dealers are trained on the stove and also the correct connection method.
With us you will find all the information about it flue which must be fully mounted to the roof and
should not stop on the facade but also security and it maintenance.

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We also discuss new techniques such as different controls and
ways of burning such as Dielle's bottom feeder
It is easy to heat, but it must of course be done properly.
For news We have a special blog page about stoves, here you can find a lot of information about developments
with different heaters.

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op working days from 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 16:00 PM we are open for you to show you all the possibilities.
in our showroom at Kaagstraat 13 in Raalte you will find the latest techniques
such as the pellets that are supplied via the bottom of the Dielle brand.
You do not need to make an appointment for this.

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Heater models

With us you will find many types and models of pellet stoves, such as the Dielle pellet stove with 3 sides of glass and also a full glass round pellet stove.
In addition to these appliances, the pellet stove central heating appliances are also set up burning together with the pellet boilers.

The question why burn on pellets?

You will quickly discover the great advantages that a pellet stove offers
This compared to central heating, wood stoves and other forms of heating. Pellets are the heat sources of the future.
Also see how you can save with pellet stoves and how the pellet stove can heat your home
this can also be found on the site under the button how does a pellet stove work.
Did you know that a pellet stove saves an average of 40% on heating costs
and that the system burns cleaner like a wood stove up to 85%!

Sounds like Pallet stove

Many people hear the word pallet stove but it should be written as Pellet stove named after its fuel the Pellets.
We work with small wood chunks and not with full pallets on which things are transported.

Emission pellet stoves

What is increasingly being scrutinized is the emissions that pellet stoves give,
this is up to 57 percent lower with the Dielle pellet stoves than with the traditional pellet stove.
This is because the bottom feeder preheats the fuel and does not have to blow the ash residue out of the burner.
The co and particulate matter emissions are very low and we also reflect this on our devices.
This is something other brands don't do.

View the Dielle pellet stoves at our dealers

Dielle a pellet stove, but completely different from what you knew until now.
With our system, the pellets come through the bottom feeder
which ensures that there are many advantages over the traditional pellet stove.

  • Cleaning per month instead of every few days
  • lesser quality pellets no problem
  • beautiful calm and high flame
  • when extinguished, glowing parts remain under the ash so that the stove can restart without glowing
  • fan can turn off
  • 3 sided possible
  • very high efficiency
  • lowest particulate matter emissions and many times lower than the traditional pellet stove

Trade-in and second-hand pellet stoves

It happens that there are second-hand pellet stoves are exchanged, they are then replaced for the new bottom feed system.
It is therefore also possible that our dealers sometimes have a second-hand device.
Look at our dealers for this.

There are also sometimes showroom sales of devices that are replaced by a new model.
It is always possible to ask us which dealer still has a showroom device in stock.

View pellet stoves in a showroom

You just have to look at a Dielle pellet stove and then you will see the big difference
between the old system and the new bottom feeds.
Let them burn next to each other to get a good picture
You are  6 days a week welcome by appointment in our showroom at Kaagstraat 13 in Raalte.
Where all pellet stoves are burning.

Dielle Maestrale 3 sided

Pellet heaters drain through the wall

This is a hot topic for the pellet stove, the regulations.
There are a number of companies that interpret a pellet stove drain may be connected to a facade because it is not described as a pellet stove.
This is unfounded as the regulations are very clear in the Netherlands.
A gas-closed fire may be connected to the facade
provided you meet the dilution factor and stay away from windows / doors and the boundary of the property.
A wood-fired appliance is not included in this
and to our knowledge the pellets are made of wood so you are firing a wood-fired appliance.

settings in case of incorrect installation of pellet stove

The second part is that the pellet stove must be adjusted to the facade because it does not require the correct draft.
By changing these settings, clean combustion is no longer present
and by increasing the draft in the appliance more waste products and fine dust blown out.
Other major problems such as black walls, dust in the house,
dust outside and flue gas explosions already indicate that it is simply not safe
and so does an insurance.
Some companies describe that they have a closed device
and that these are allowed on the facade
because through this system you don't have the fabric inside but outside.
A hermetically sealed appliance is not intended for a facade but for other purposes such as passive houses.

Heating and cooling in a different way with an Airco

By using an air conditioner that is equipped with a heat pump, it is also possible to heat or cool at low energy consumption. The air source heat pump converts the heat or cold directly in your living room or office. If you would like information about this, please do not hesitate to contact us, because we can also supply these air conditioners at an affordable price.

pellet stove cons

Most heaters are not that bad, but in 90% of the cases the installation is the culprit
and not the stove, take this into account and ensure clean heating with quality.
The new building decree refers even more clearly to the regulations
pellet stoves that, in addition to NEN 2757, article 5.1.
a combustion appliance such as the solid fuel pellet stove must not discharge through the facade
but must end in the free zone above the roof surface, ie above the ridge of the house.

If you have any questions, please contact us or visit the showroom in Raalte.