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When you are looking for a pellet stove, it is of course nice to learn everything about the subject. We are happy to help you with all the information and explanation of pellet stoves.

Why a pellet stove

Well one pellet stove In addition to creating a very atmospheric intention in the living room, it can also ensure that you are not tied to a utility company for heating. you make this heat yourself and you no longer need gas. The pellets are on average 40% cheaper than gas as a fuel.

Choose between convection or central heating pellet stoves

In the conversation we will look at what the best solution is to realize the heat distribution in your home. For example, it is sometimes better to place a convection stove in a living room and kitchen in one, while others will opt for a pellet boiler or pellet stove with central heating connection for the home.
All in all, no house is the same and it may just be that the advice for your house is at odds with the advice of the neighbor's house.

prices and installation pellet stove

You want to know what your dream picture will be, but you also want to know what the costs are. We work with our own import line for the flues and stoves, which means that we can deliver high quality at a fair price. In addition, it is also possible to pay for the pellet stove in installments.

How does it work in installments

We will work out the quotation together with you and register it with our financing company. Here we can also calculate for how many years you want to spread the payment, it is possible up to 120 months.
We do need information from you, but we can enter this later, if you want to continue immediately, you can ask us what we are asked to fill in. it is therefore possible to include not only the pellet stove and materials but also the entire installation in the installment payment. feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

How many pellet stoves do you have?

On average, there are 25 models of pellet stoves burning here and a large number of them separately. so you can see the devices working and also see the supplies such as it flue or fittings for central heating and buffers.

Do you only have pellet stoves?

No, we not only have pellet stoves, but also electric heating, infrared heating, heat pumps, air conditioning and solar boilers! in short, everything to heat or cool your home.

Feel free to visit the showroom, which is open six days a week or call 0572-354250

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